Photocatalytic Membranes

Photocatalytic membranes 

Metalmembranes has developed a new type of self-cleaning membranes that can be cleaned by light. The unique feature of these membranes is that the top-layer of these filters consists of a photocatalytic TiO2 layer that causes a self-cleaning effect upon illumination. 

The advantages are:

  • No fouling due to the continuous formation of reactive oxygen species through the light and TiO2
  • High flux during filtration due to the intrinsic high flux of the membranes combined with the self-cleaning effect
  • No maintenance or replacement of membranes
  • No chemicals use for cleaning
  • Long service lifetime
  • Lower cost per filtered volume of water

Our titanium membranes are characterized by: 

  • small pore size (< 10 nm) retaining viruses and bacteria  
  • high clean water flux (750 l/(m2 h bar))
  • photocatalytic surface of the membrane

The membranes are ideal for point-of-use applications where maintenance or cleaning of membranes is an issue. Due to the photocatalytic action of the membrane bacteria, viruses and even organic micro pollutants are removed. 

Electron microscope picture of a TiO2 membrane

Pore size distribution of a TiO2 membrane