Cell culture plates

Cell culture is a critical part of diagnostics and biotechnology. Metalmembranes offers a more automatable method of growing and assaying cells. The classic method of growing cells, bacteria and fungi occurs in a Petri dish that has hardly changed in the last 150 years. The cell culture plate developed by Metalmembranes is a disposable plate for the culture of cells (microorganisms, living cells, fungi etc).

The base of cell culture plate is porous, allowing nutrients from beneath the membrane to supply organisms growing on the upper surface. These cells cannot penetrate the porous support. The upper surface of the cell culture plates is divided into growth compartments (= microwells) allowing segregation of different wells without cross-contamination. The cell culture plate is versatile, allows rapid changing of culture medium, working with difficult organisms and is highly suitable for imaging and recovery from target cells.

Metalmembranes cell culture plate, aluminum top part with 384 wells containing a ceramic membrane

Growth of cells on top of the membrane inside a well

Imaging of cell growth on top of the metalmembrane