About Us

We are the only company that combines electrochemical machining with membrane science. This approach has led to several breakthrough innovations in the field of vaporization, rapid detection, membranes, and wear resistant layers. All these innovations are protected by patents. 

Metalmembranes = Electrochemical Machining + Membrane Science

Metalmembranes started after many discussion between the founders if electrochemical machining (ECM) could be applied to make membranes. The combination of these 2 fields of expertise is unique. The unique solutions offered by Metalmembranes are difficult to achieve by other means.  Our team consists of highly skilled researchers and engineers who can make the ideas work and turn them in production machines.


Metelmembranes offers besides its membrane products, unique R&D, prototype development followed by production of the requested product.

Metalmembranes facilitates request from clients with customized R&D. This can range from creating wear resistant PEO layers on product of the client towards the development of a new application.



Hans-Henk Wolters
Mr. Hans-Henk Wolters is co-founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Metalmembranes. Mr. Wolters career in the field of electrochemistry starts during his 10-year working period at the electrochemical machining (ECM) development department at a Dutch multinational engineering and electronics company. After that experience, in 2003 Mr. Wolters departs on his entrepreneurial journey by founding ECM Technologies, a company dedicated to offering innovative electrochemical machining solutions, which successfully grows into the industry knowledge leader within 10 years since its establishment. Throughout those years, together with expanding the company’s technology and project portfolio, Mr. Wolters deepens his process knowledge and capability on the ever-growing field of electrochemistry application for manufacturing purposes.

Dr. Ir. Sybrand Metz
Sybrand Metz is co-founder and serves as Chief Technology Officer of Metalmembranes. Mr. Metz served as senior Scientific Project Manager at Wetsus, European center of excellence for sustainable water technology since 2004. Here he was involved in a variety of membrane related research fields. Besides his solid scientific background, Mr. Metz has proved strong managerial skills during his experience as an IP manager and project leader for numerous projects in the past 15 years. His interest is in making new links between excellent science with practical relevant applications. His R&D portfolio includes over 25 scientific publication and more than 15 patents. He studied chemical engineering at the University of Twente and obtained his PhD degree in membrane science in 2003.