Metalmembranes: unique membranes, special properties!

Metalmembranes has developed a revolutionary way of making membranes electrochemically from metal. We are the only company that combines electrochemical machining with membrane science. This approach has led to several breakthrough innovations in different fields of application. All these innovations are protected by patents. 

Because of its innovative and fundamentally new way of making membranes, Metalmembranes offers unique solutions that are not achievable by other means. 

The membranes produced by Metalmembranes have a variety of benefits over the other types of membranes (e.g. ceramic or polymeric), which makes them suitable for very wide cross-industry applications. Processes such as conducting microbiological analysis and numerous filtration applications can significantly benefit from Metalmembranes.

Unique Metalmembranes advantages:

  • Robust surface
  • High flux levels
  • Membrane embedded in a metal frame
  • Easier to connect to a module
  • Cost-effective
  • Low fouling rates
  • Pore size: 0,5 micron to < 1 nanometer

The development of the photocatalytic membranes is supported by: